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Company Profile

    Thai Tele-Container Company Limited was established on July 28th, 1994 and has spearheaded the manufacturing of container box for telecommunication equipment used as mobile-base station for mobile signals. Formerly, the company worked in collaboration with TOT Corporation Public Company Limited to create the prototype which has later come into widespread use today.

Later on, the company has extended the manufacturing line to include watt-hour meter for both Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand to respond to the growth of national development and the arrival of the digital world. This expansion aims to embrace the Thailand 4.0, the latest National Economic and Social Development Plan which requires technological innovation to elevate the country to a Smart Life. The company, consequently, has reinvented the meter into a digital model called the Smart Meter and has given itself a new name as Smart TTC Company Limited to catch up with the moving world.